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LACOMED, Ltd. is Czech company which is specialized for distribution of products for nuclear medicine, immunodiagnostics, clinical biochemistry, immunology, molecular biology and for research purposes.

LACOMED supplies:

  • diagnostic radiopharmaceuticals, therapeutic radiopharmaceuticals, radionuclide generator, kits for radiopharmaceuticals, laboratory equipment, protective aids for manipulation with PET and SPECT radiopharmaceuticals, laminar boxes
  • a wide range of radio-, fluoro-, lumi- and enzyme-immunodiagnostic kits for complex laboratory diagnostics of thyroid, bone metabolism, infection diseases, in endocrinology, prenatal screening, cardiology, diabetology, immunology, oncology and others
  • Immunochemical analyzers KRYPTOR and KRYPTOR-COMPACT
  • devices (gamma-spectrometers, luminometers, photometers, shakers)
  • radiochemicals
  • full-scale range for hybridization, FISH and immunohistochemistry
  • kits for PCR diagnostic
  • preparations for research and diagnostic purposes