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Dear customers,

in the following lines we have prepared information for you about the latest products intended for in vitro diagnostics in clinical (IVD) and research areas: Nucleic acid storage media up to 30 days (Phoenix Protect), DNA and RNA isolation kits (Phoenix Pure Universal) and a fast RT-PCR kit for COVID-19 assay from Genedrive (Genedrive-96 SARS) 

PhoenixProtect Solution PhoenixPure_Universal 96 Manual , GPM-45 v4 Genedrive-96 SARS-CoV-2 Commerical Flyer

IFU-NF-light-ELISA-CE-English-v2019-02 IFU-NF-light-RUO-English

ELISA kit (CE or RUO) for the determination of neurofilaments, useful as a diagnostic marker of neurological diseases such as amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, multiple sclerosis and Parkinson’s disease (IFU-NF-light RUO, IFU-NF-light-CE). IFU-NF-light-ELISA-CE-English-v2019-02 IFU-NF-light-RUO-English

  • Determination of von Willebrand factor and other products for serology and hematology ABP PFR Brochure 2018

  • Quality Danish PCR products from Ampliqon, including a kit for purifying PCR products before sequencing

Ampliqon PCR enzymes catalogue


Taq OptiMix CLEAR competitor comparison with initials

  • ELISA kits  for the determination of free vitamin D of DIASource, Free Vit D
  • ELISA kits for the determination of infectious diseases and the new RIA kit for the determination of angiotensin from DIASource

DIASource infectious dis.

DIASource infekční nemoci 2


  • New ELISA kit for the determination of Kalretinin, a diagnostic marker of mesothelioma, DLD Calretinin

Mesothelioma article

  • LDN’s ELISA program for determining autoimmune factors,  LDN autoimunity
  • IBI scientific 96-well purification kits for pre-sequencing PCR products IBI scientific