Reliable partner for clinical diagnostics

We distribute instruments and kits intended for diagnosis in the field of clinical biochemistry, clinical microbiology and nuclear medicine.

Nuclear medicine

We provide high-quality diagnostic and therapeutic radiopharmaceuticals, radiopharmaceutical kits and radionuclide generators.

Laboratory diagnostics

A wide range of diagnostic kits for laboratory medicine, including instrumentation. We offer the best solution for the screening and diagnosis of congenital developmental defects using the KRYPTOR device.

Research and Development

Products intended for research use including ELISA/RIA kits, antibodies, PCR reagents and radiochemicals.

Protective equipment

Means intended for health protection when working with radiopharmaceuticals.

About us

LACOMED, a limited liability company, was founded in 1992 with the intention of supplying goods for the healthcare and research sectors. The company is managed by the director of the company, which is divided into seven basic organizational and economic parts.

IN VIVO 001 – sales and marketing
IN VITRO 002 – sales and marketing
REALIZATION 003 – purchase, sale, drivers, warehousemen, dispatch
PROTECTIVE EQUIPMENT 005 – sales and marketing
REGISTRATION 007 – registration and legislation

The company is engaged in the export and import of goods, which are mostly labeled with radioactive isotopes and are intended for nuclear medicine departments, clinical biochemistry departments, hygiene stations, research workplaces and laboratories.

It operates in the Czech Republic using its own distribution network, in other countries it uses contracted companies.