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RADIOCHEMICALS, RADIONUCLIDES, LABELING COMPOUNDS and detailed specifications can be found

on the website, see links:

Perkin Elmer, you can also find the PDF file below

Polatom , also find PDF file below

NPL, NPL catalog

RC Tritec, RC Tritec 2020

ARC, ARC catalog 2019

If you are interested in processing a quote, please describe the product name, product code (e.g. NEZ043001MC) or other identifier (e.g. RFe-3) from the website.

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The delivery date must be consulted and agreed with the REAL department in advance.

Together with the order, send a copy of the permit for handling ionizing radiation sources (don’t forget to attach the appendix “Specification of sources”) issued by SÚJB, while the place of delivery indicated on your order must be identical to the place of use of the ZIZ for which the permit is issued.